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†††††††††††† Initializing from the schema design of a geodatabase (GDB), each feature class and itís associated attributes can be exported to a cad DWG file. Through ESRIís MSC (mapping standards for CAD) technology this DWG has the ability to imbed attribute fields within the file.


†††††††††††† Carlson SurvCE 2.52 data collection software, which can be run on most data collectors, allows for the importing of this DWG file in such a way that the FCL (feature code list) is automatically populated with the attribute fields from the GDB.

SurvCE and your GPS hardware connect to an existing RTK network and record precise survey accurate points. When a point is stored in the data collector you are prompted to add values for each of the associated attributes.


†††††††††††† The software also allows you to include additional GIS attributes for GPS location and other system values. These include: Latitude, Longitude, State Plane Coordinates, Elevation, HRMS, VRMS, User, Time, Date... (see below)


†††††††††††† Upon completion of the data collection you export the data back out into DWG format. The DWG file is added into the GIS environment as a DWG which now includes updated feature classes and attribute data. These feature classes can then be output to GDB format appended back into the original geodatabase.

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